Ronald C. Spurga, CFP


I was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and was refused entry to any of the many street gangs that existed there because of my diminutive stature. A nun from a nearby church took pity on me and took me in, dried me off and introduced me to the church's library.

Thus began my lifelong passion for reading. When I was older, I had to earn a living and learned corporate finance, writing two best-selling textbooks in the process:

- Balance Sheet Basics

- Commodity Fundamentals

But my real passion is writing short stories and poetry-which I've collected in an anthology, HOMELAND SECURITY, to be published this Christmas. Incidentally, My short stories and poetry have appeared in numerous literary magazines.

And, yes, I still live on the Lower East Side which by the way has become very posh, and those former Sopranos are now all head waiters in the very trendy restaurants there.